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like two atoms in a molecule
inseperably combined
Apr 25, 25 01:51 pm - for your information.
a; dean
this journal is (suprise!) friends only.

comment to be added.
Jul 02, 08 01:26 pm - one more
s; stare at the sun
I should have mentioned this in my last post but:

My other sister Amber also has an Etsy shop where she sells all of her gorgeous homemade jewelry.

(BTW, I made that pretty banner)

You should check her out as well!

I better get some commission for all the products I'm sellin for them. ;)
Jun 30, 08 11:38 pm - :)
a; dean
Are you in search of a new-hand-crafted stunning, beautiful, and amazing journal?

Well look no more!

Instead you should go to my sister (soteria )'s etsy shop:

Really. really you should. she's kind of sort of incredibly amazing.

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